Summer Hall 2017

Two back to back one-week sessions: Choose one or stay for both! Cemetery Hill Abbey 2014

Session 1: Tuesday July 25-Friday July 28 (4 days)

The Apostolic Fathers (Didache, Clement, Ignatius, Athenagoras, Justin Martyr, etc.)

Session 2: Monday July 31 - Friday August 4 (five days)

IrenaeusAgainst Heresies

WHAT IS SUMMER HALL?: Please click here for a description of Hill Abbey’s Summer Hall program! Then read the details below. Contact Hill Abbey to register.

WHY THESE WORKS? These are the earliest Christian writings after the New Testament; some were written while the last apostles were still alive and at least some knew the apostles intimately. All were written within the century after the apostles when countless people still lived who had known and sat long under their teaching. Some of these works were quoted by the early church as inspired. These books are of inestimable value in revealing early Christian belief and practice.


LOCATION: Hill Abbey, Potlatch, Idaho.










For the first week, participants must arrive by Monday evening, July 25, before the first session. For the second week, participants must arrive by Sunday evening, July 30, before the second session. Participants are welcome to attend church with us on Sunday July 30. There will be rides available to the local presbyterianbaptist, and orthodox churches.

If flying, airport choices are Spokane (WA) International (airport code GEG), or Lewiston (ID) (airport code LWS). You can fly in to the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (airport code PUW) which is much closer to us but it’s generally too expensive. We can arrange to pick you up and drop you off at the airport (for an additional fee – see “Costs and Registration” below). Otherwise, there is a shuttle service ($38 one way) between the Spokane airport and Moscow (not Lewiston) and we’ll pick you up in Moscow. Travel arrangements can be discussed further upon inquiry.

Departure time can be scheduled for Saturday, July 29, after the first week or Saturday, August 5, after the second week. Please try not to schedule a very early departure time if possible; late morning or early afternoon is best. Both the Spokane WA and the Lewiston ID airports (see below) are around an hour and a half away, so travel time from Potlatch must be taken into account as well as the hour or more you should be at the airport before your flight departs (security waits at both airports are not long at all).


All Hill Abby participants are housed and fed right here on the Hill, and we make every effort to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment. Please be sure to alert us as to any food allergies or other medical issues you might have. We can accommodate married couples as well as singles.


1. Clothing: North Idaho in high summer is hot during the day (80s and 90s) and cool at night (50s) but with low humidity. Bring light casual clothing (shorts, tees, sandals, etc.) for warm weather, but include a sweatshirt, long pants or casual skirt, and tennis shoes/light hiking shoes, etc. for cool evenings and walking. Bring some nicer clothes, too, for church services Sunday mornings if you plan to attend: casual is fine, but at least long pants (clean jeans are perfectly acceptable) and polo or button shirt for men, skirt or dress for women. Rock Hill Abbey 2014

2. Personal toiletries: all the usual, including soap, shampoo, allergy medication, etc. We provide bedding, pillows, towels, and washcloths.

3. A new notebook (something like the Moleskin ruled journal, large, is ideal) and pens or pencil. Your main text will be provided. Bring a Bible and any free time reading.

4. Camera.

5. Cell phones and laptops: phones must not be used except as cameras during reading and quiet hours. You may bring a laptop for free time use if you wish; we have wireless internet access. Remember, however, that the spirit of Hill Abbey is to avoid such distractions as much as possible, so we urge you to leave laptops at home.

COST AND REGISTRATION: The Hill Abbey 2017 fee is $450 for Session 1, and $550 for Session 2, with a 10% discount if registered for both weeks. This fee covers room, board, and text. If you need transportation to and from either airport we can probably accommodate you, but there will be an additional fee of $25 each way to cover expenses (it’s an hour and a half each way).

Please  Contact Hill Abbey for space availability. After you receive confirmation of your acceptance, a deposit of $100 per person (or couple) per week is required immediately at time of registration in order to hold your place. The balance will be due by June 1, 2016. Make checks out to Wes Callihan and mail to P. O. Box 546, Potlatch ID 83855.


6:30 Morning Prayer

7:00 Trappist Hour

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Lectio

10:30 Break

11:00 Lectio

12:00 Yard Work

1:00 Lunch & Break

Reading in grass 3: Lectio

4:30 Break

5:00 Lectio

6:00 Trappist Hour

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Evening Prayer

8:30 Fire, short stories, star-gazing

10:30 Lights out

There will be time for showers before Morning Prayer, after Evening Prayer, or during the meal breaks. A signup sheet will be posted.