YEAR SCHEDULE  (dates subject to change)

Students must arrive by Saturday, September 1

September 3: First Day

September 21: Iliad Day*

October 26: Aeneid Day*

November 16: Beowulf Night*

November 20-24: Low Week (reduced schedule): Classes Monday and Tuesday only (students will celebrate Thanksgiving with the Callihans)

December 15: last day of classes before Christmas break

January 8: first day of classes after Christmas break

February 2: Paradise Lost Day(s)

March 3-4: Spokane Cathedral Tour and Bach Festival (St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, St. Aloysius Catholic at Gonzaga University, Greek Orthodox Church)

March 27-29: Dante’s Divine Comedy Days

May 11: Last Day


WEEKLY SCHEDULE  (subject to change)

Monday – Thursday
All work is done together in class; there is no “homework” outside of class except for the weekly essay.
See Booklist 2017-2018 coming soon

6 – Morning Prayer & Trappist Hour
7 – breakfast
8 – Church History
9:30 - Old Western Culture
11 – Personal study / individual tutorials (Mondays)
12 – Lunch / Common Walk
1:30 – Spiritual Life
2:30 – Trappist Hour
4 - Language / Tea time / individual tutorials (Mondays)
5 – Chores / free time
6 – Dinner
7 – Evening Prayer
7:30- Short stories/free time
10 – Lights out


Same as above except:
9:30 -12 Friday Seminar
Essay Lunch – 12
Movie, bonfire, etc. – 8



Participants board in the Callihan’s big old farm house. The second floor bedrooms house the women and the basement bedrooms house the men. The main floor living room, dining room, and kitchen, and the library (in the basement) are common areas. The house sits on 20 lovely acres, and students have walking access to another 300 beautiful acres of woods, river, and fields.



The fee for Hill Abbey Hall covers tuition, room, board, required books, and any required group trips (all trip expenses – food, transportation, housing – covered except personal ones). The cost is far less expensive than almost any college since housing and books alone normally add well over $5,000 to the tuition of most colleges. Personal expenses are of course additional, and depend on the student: these include travel to and from Hill Abbey, clothing, toiletries, and other personal expenses. But since the Hill Abbey Hall experience is semi-monastic, there will not be a lot of these.

$11,500 Total: includes tuition, room, board, books, and scheduled group trips mentioned in above paragraph. For 2017-2018, a scholarship for 25% of tuition is available to all students – contact us for more important.

  • A confirmation deposit of $300 is due upon registration after acceptance to secure placement in program (n0n-refundable).
  • The balance after deposit of $11,200 is due in full by July 1, 2013. If withdrawal from the program during the year is necessary due to genuine emergency, a refund of some portion of the fees (not including the deposit) may be negotiated.
  • The balance after deposit may be paid in 11 monthly installments beginning July 1st, 2016, and will include a 10% financing fee on the balance after deposit (for 11 monthly payments of $1,120). These will be non-refundable.
  • Other payment plans may be negotiated, on an individual basis, if necessary.
  • Scholarships available, and above payment schedule will be adjusted accordingly.